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“I’ve used Latination Designs for quite a few major retail events in the past several years and the customers are always delighted with the outcome of the engraving. Latination Designs is an affordable way to add that extra touch for an event whether it be a bottle engraving event in a retail store, or a Bar Mitzvah, or Sweet 16 Party or any event where “something special” is required and you want to dazzle your guests.


Latination Designs is always prompt and can set up almost anywhere & can customize glass or metal objects for any occasion.”


Bob Dombrowski - Key Account Director

Clarins Fragrance Group

"Antonio Pertuz participated in our Dia de los Muertos show with his sculpture piece of Humberto. Antonio was able to maintain traditional meaning of this cultural holiday of giving respect to elders who have past, while at the same time bringing a new approach to the subject with whimsical and childlike perspective. He addressed the universal journey of all humans, which is conquering fears

within our own lived experiences by climbing our own personal mountains, but still with a sense of adventure that comes with the innocence of a child. This piece brought meaning to the show that greatly needed and highly regarded".


Elizabeth Rossi - Gallery Curator

La Casa Azul Bookstore

"Latination Designs has helped establish the foundation for Big & Strong/One Island Body Paint Band when it comes to face/body art. When it comes to body artistry Antonio’s art work on our models throughout the years has gotten us rave reviews and lots of positive attention from both masqueraders and sponsors alike. Latination Designs is fully endorsed by One Island Body Paint Band and would recommend them to anyone seeking  exquisite body art".


Rolando Jarvis - CEO

Big & Strong Inc.

"I'd like to thank Antonio and the time and dedication he put into creating my logo. I've never seen anyone put their heart into someone else's project the way he did into mine. The hardest part of working with Antonio was trying to pick which logo I wanted to use because I received 10 samples. To be honest even the the samples are still usable. I use them today and post them all over social media and get a great respone. To me the quality of the work he provides is way above his pay rate and I will continue to work with him."


Arson 360 - Recording Artist

Arson 360


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